What our clients have to say about us and our work

Dear Derek,

Thank you very much for taking the time to come and speak at the Building a Sustainable Tourism Business event as part of Mayo Ideas Month 2023 in Halla Tuar Mhic Éadaigh last Friday. Your input was hugely valuable and the feedback from the event has been excellent.

Derek A Chara,

Míle buíochas as ucht bheith linn agus labhairt ag an seisiún ‘Ag Forbairt Gnó Turasóireachta Inbhuanaithe’ mar chuid de Mhí Smaointe Mhaigh Eo 2023 i dTuar Mhic Éadaigh le gairid. Bhí d’eolas an-tábhachtach agus bhí an t-aiseolas a fuarthas ón imeacht ar fheabhas.

Ar mhiste leat deimhniú go bhfuil tú sásta (nó níl tú sásta) do cur i láthair a roinnt leis na rannpháirtithe.

The lean skills/knowledge is not available in Laya and without Derek’s skills in this area i would not have identified my future state & implementation plans to deliver final solution.


I found that having a subject matter expert was invaluable at driving the focus and achieving our objectives. The quality of his questioning was superb and he drove the team to think and explore the challenges differently. He has the theory and the science along with the business acumen which is a great combination and rare in the market.

Senior Management Team

I’m completely happy with all the help and insight you gave me. It allowed me to develop a solid plan going forward. I found every part of it to be relevant to me and my business with no generic advice as i have received before others. I’m now very confident we’ll hit the ground running when this situation is over.

Derek took the time to understand our business and what we can deliver to our clients. He highlighted services that we provide, that we took for granted people where aware of, but someone from outside our industry could not see that from the information presented on our business.

I found the process beneficial as a critical review of our business and how we present ourselves. It joined the dots of the absolute need for SEO and landing pages for each part our service.

Our business model and our business aims were already clearly defined, this process forced us to stand back and ask how to get there. It also made us look outside the box to companies/industries that we had not thought of targeting, ones in particular on our door step.

In all the meetings, my suggestions no matter how small were listened to and discussed among the project team.

Team member

It was great to see all the teams coming together to identify the problems and come up with fantastic suggestions and improvements.

Team member